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Michael Marra


In 2013 I was asked to design a banner for a memorial event celebrating the life and work of Mick Marra. Just prior to his passing, Mick – a great lover of nature – spent hours observing a pair of nesting ospreys and managed to capture this magnificent shot of the parent bird returning from the hunt. This image formed the nucleus of the design.


I previously worked with Mick and his long-time collaborator and friend Andy Pelc designing a St Andrew & The Woolen Mill CD cover and booklet. I encountered him on many occassions throughout the 80's and 90's at different events and in various West End watering holes like 'The Camby Bar'. Of course Mick was enormously talented and a 'famous son' of his home city. I found him to be an empathetic and generous man who gave unswerving support to fellow artists and friends. He is greatly missed.

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